Track Serial And Lot Numbers

With Postomg inventory you can easily attach serial or lot number to SKU of your product.

Supports different barcode types

Automatic # generation based on

Track sales from your inventory software

There’s more than one right way to sell products—whether it’s through an ecommerce shop, over the phone, or in the field, there’s always a way to get your sales into postomg inventory. We support the full pick, pack, and ship workflow, too.

Manage your products

Inventory is an investment and you want to manage it properly. postomg inventory gives you a visual representation of what is in stock and what is right. Creating barcodes will help you move quickly and accurately.

Restock right on time

Restock before you run out with our reorder points and low stock reminders. Submit new purchase orders through postomg inventory so you can keep an eye on costs.

Reorder with a click

We’ll display all of your low stock items on one screen and, with a single click,
create all of the necessary purchase orders for you. Now that’s efficiency.

Save money and take control of your inventory

Postomg inventory keeps your inventory and your orders, giving you clarity and context in one place. You can compare supply to demand and reorder the right quantities, ahead of time. Once you have the right perspective, it’s a lot easier to find that perfect inventory balance.


Generate inventory records while you work

Postomg inventory creates records every time you receive and fulfill orders from your computer or smartphone. Cost and profit are recorded, too. So you’ll create reliable records just by working and have all the data you’ll need to plan the right next step.

Discover great feautres

Good, accurate data helps you see your business in the big picture.

Optimize your whole sales flow with Postomg Inventory

Most sales systems feature inventory as an add-on. But Postomg Inventory was built with inventory tracking and sales at its core. This deep integration improves communication between your sales and warehouse teams, and even your accountant.


Manage Debts

Sales by Product Summary

Sales by Product Summary

A list of products showing a summary of how much has been sold and purchased.


Customer Payment Summary

A list of your customers along with their overall balance and last order date

Inventory Management Anywhere

Performing scan-intensive inventory audits just got much easier.
Track inventory on iOS and Android
Postomg inventory mobility allows you to stay on top of your inventory, always.

Instant stock level updates

Postomg Inventory system can accurately inform you how much stock you have on hand. Postomg inventory management software can tell you whether you have enough stock for your demand forecast or whether you need to order more. This is an essential metric for customer satisfaction so you can avoid stockouts.

Multi-Site Flexibility

Track inventory at as many sites as you choose – even globally. With postomg web-based solution you can manage inventory at as many sites as you need without needing all sites to be on the same network. Users can have permissions to access to one, multiple or all sites. Run reports on one site or multiple sites.

Error reduction

Postomg inventory management reduces errors and the chance of ‘stock walking’. The automated nature of the software means that inevitable human errors are eliminated. With Cloud-based apps, every stakeholder, from the manufacturer to the shipping company to the courier gets up-to-date information instantly, with no risk of duplications, missed orders or incorrect information, saving time and money.

In-built reporting and analytics

Demand forecasting is one of the trickier aspects of running an eCommerce business: knowing how much stock to order in the future based on how much it’s selling now is a fine art. Postomg inventory management systems analyze your data and create automated reports so you can make data-informed business decisions.

App Pricing

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  • Dashboards
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  • Standard
  • Get Tracking Today - You'll Thank Us Tomorrow
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  • Premium
  • Get Tracking Today - You'll Thank Us Tomorrow
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  • Up to 10,000 orders a month
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